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Fortune In a Cup of Tea

Symbols and their meaning A to P

Symbols & Their Interpretation
Ace of Diamonds, A Circle An engagement
Ace of Diamonds, A Bush A pleasant invitation.
Ace of Clubs, An Obelisk. The offer of a good promotion.
Ace of Hearts, A Train, A Query Indecision about a removal.
Ace of Hearts, An Urn, A Bed. Illness in the home.
Ace of Spades, Bricks An advantageous offer from a large town.
Arm, A Myrtle Tree, Bird on a Perch. New plans which bring about a meeting with someone who will become all the world to you.
Arum Lily, Bells, A Church. A wedding.
Arum Lily, A Bat, A Bed, A Widow's Bonnet. Death of a widow.
Bacon, Pagoda. You will make your fortune abroad.
Banana, A Peacock, Ace of Hearts, Trees.

A happy marriage to someone of wealth and property in the country.

Bed, An Engine, Laburnum Tree. A happy visit to the country in the spring.
Besom, Ugly Faces. You will make many enemies by mischief-making.
Bonnet, A Bouquet. Marriage late in life.
Bride, A Crescent Moon, A Swallow. A journey which leads to a romantic love affair.
Bride, Penknife, An Owl. Jealousy terminates an unhappy engagement.
Cab, A Square, A Cap. A gloomy outlook brought about by one of the opposite sex.
Camel (Laden), A Small "T," A Coffin An unexpected fortune through the death of someone abroad whose name begins with "T."
Chain (Entangled), Onion. You will be placed in an embarrassing position by the discovery of a secret.
Chinese Lantern, A Pair of Stilts. Pride brings about a fall.
Clover, Plums, A Bridge. A new and excellent opportunity will come your way necessitating a journey.
Daffodils, The Sun. A joyful occurrence in the spring.
Doves, A Book, A Beehive You will advance rapidly and become a well-known writer.
Duck, A Vegetable Marrow. Rash investments.
Eagle (Flying), A Steamer, A Tent, A Large "E." A position of honour in Egypt.
Ear, A Beehive, A Trumpet. Fame as a public speaker.
Fate Line, A Sword in Its Sheath, The Sign of Mars, A Chain. A happy fate awaits you, and marriage to a soldier who will rise to the top of the tree in his profession.
Frog, A Fish, A Ship, A Large "C". Emigration to Canada.
Goat, A Running Figure, A Lamb. There need be no doubt as to the successful outcome of your venture.
Grasshoppers, A Sleigh, A Wreath of Asters. Death of an elderly friend or relative in the winter.
Key, A Flaming Torch. Some discovery or the development of a patent leads to your becoming famous.
King on His Throne, An Eagle in a Cage, A Mace. An important public ceremony in which you take a part.
Ladder, Ring, A Man and a Woman. Marriage will be the means of advancement and good fortune.
Ladder, A Palette. Attainment to a position of honour as an artist.
Ladder, The Symbol of Mars. A most fortunate career as a soldier.
Lion, A Lute. Rising to the top of the tree, as a musician, is assured by these symbols.
Lion, A Man Speaking from a Platform. Great success in a public career and the attaining to an influential position.
Lion, A Man Beside a Pestle and Mortar. Excellent prospects and fame as a doctor.
Lizard, A Peaked Cap. An expected visitor is not to be trusted.
Mace, A Mallet. Through wisdom and clear judgment you will rise to a position of authority.
Man Carrying a Burden, A Pair of Scissors, A Mushroom. Quarrels in an unhappy love affair ending in a broken engagement.
Magnet, A Meat Cover. An unpleasant discovery leads to the abrupt ending of an infatuation.
Nail, A Pair of Pincers. A visit to the dentist and the removal of a tooth.
Notice-Board, A Leek, An Open Padlock. In a surprising manner you will get the information for which you are seeking.
Onions, An Otter. Those in whom you trusted have betrayed your confidence and divulged a secret.
Owl, A Pail. Loss of income will necessitate your undertaking distasteful work.
Pagoda, A Palm Tree, Water. A voyage to a warm climate under very happy conditions.
Pestle and Mortar, A Walking Stick. Illness and the arrival of the doctor.
Pulpit, Opera Glasses Those who weary others by undue curiosity will always remain in ignorance.

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