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More Tea Language

More tea language describing dry leaf
Black tea which has been allowed to ferment as opposed to green tea: also describes colour
Blister blistering of leaf caused by too rapid removal of moisture
Bold pieces of leaf that are too big for a grade
Broken broken by rolling or passing through a cutter
Bold Broken broken by rolling or passing through a cutter
Case Hardening applies mainly to orthodox teas : when outside casing becomes fully fired and prevents core from losing moisture: bold grapenutty CTCs are also susceptible to case-hardening
Chesty resinous smell / taste caused by immature or inferior panels or battens. A undesirable resinous smell in both dry leaf and liquor that develops from inferior quality packing chests.
Cheesy smell / taint caused by inferior glue of panels
Choppy chopped in a breaker mill or cutter rather than in the roller
Chunky brokens which are large : desirable feature when applied to tip
Clean evenly sorted grade free from quantities of other grades, stalk and fibre
Crepy crimped appearance
Curly opposite to wiry
Cut synonymous with choppy
Common plain
Discoloured leaf (self-explanatory)
Even consisting of pieces of roughly equal size
Fibrous It denotes the presence of fibre in some grades, particularly in fanning and dusts. This is due to coarse plucking or application of heavy pressure during rolling.
Flaky flat, open, poorly made tea In orthodox manufacture, tea that is not properly twisted is termed 'flakey'. Flakiness develops from insufficient withering or rolling
Flat open and flaky
Grainy well-made hard leaf
Grapenutty leaf balled in the process of manufacture
Grey Grey coloured leaf is highly undesirable.Grayness develops due to faulty sorting and breaking procedures.
Gritty leaf which feels hard to the touch
Hairy thin fibre: similar to whiskery
Irregular uneven whole leaf grades
Keep well-manufactured tea with good keeping properties
Knobbly round knobbly souchong grades
Large large for market requirements
Make good style
Milled put through cutter or mill
Mixed exaggerated form of unevenness
Neat good leaf of even appearance
Open opposed to twisted or rolled
Pale Tip (self-explanatory)
Powdery very fine light dust, the particles of which tend to cohere
Pulverised dusts containing milled or pulverised fibre
Ragged rough, shaggy and uneven
Red (self-explanatory)
Rough irregular and not well made
Sandy containing sand
Shelly shell-like appearance
Shotty well-made souchong
Silvery Tip (self-explanatory)
Small small size than normal
Spongy flat flaky
Stalky excessive stalk
Twist imparted during rolling
Uneven containing uneven pieces
Useful possessing good blending qualities
Well-made uniform in colour, size and texture
Wild end season teas having reddish appearance
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