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CTC Grade

Grades of Tea

TEA Grading is not standardized amongst the tea producing nations. Tea grading normally refer to leaf size. Tea grading is used by the estates / factory primarily to segregate teas during the processing of Teas. Grading terminology also differs while describing black, green & Oolong teas.

Black Tea Grades
There are two basic methods ORTHODOX & CTC (Crush, Tear & Curl)

Here the process of mfg. is such that it produces tiny particles of leaf that brew quickly and are ideal for use. India’s production of CTC tea is more than 80% of its total production of Teas.

Broken Pekoe is slightly larger than BOP, with somewhat less color. It is useful as filler in a blend. A bolder broken grade than the BOP made from selected CTC Clones to produce a bright liquoring cup with body.

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world
-Tien Yiheng

Black Tea Grade's BROKENS

Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) is much smaller than the leaf grades. It usually contains bud leaf, the mainstay of a blend.Made from selected CTC Clones to give a full brisk juicy bright cup with good creaming brown characteristics and having a coppery infusion.

Fannings are much smaller than broken pekoe

PF Pekoe Fannings
A CTC Fannings grade specially suited for tea bags throughout the world having very strong liquoring characteristics with bright infusions. Full bodied cup which creams down very well.

Dust is the smallest grade, useful for a quick-brewing,strong cup of tea. It is only used in blends of similar-size leaf, generally for catering purposes.

Pekoe Dust -It is especially suited for tea bags having very thick strong gutty cups and bright infusions.

Dust -Strong gutty full cups with bright infusion.

Churamani Dust - Powdery dust having thick , full , strong cups with creaming down quality

Black Tea Grade’s : CTC Tea
Kind of Tea Grade name Nomenclature
Broken PEK Pekoe
BP Broken Pekoe
BOP Broken Orange Pekoe
BPS Broken Pekoe Souchong
BP 1 Broken Pekoe one
FP Flowery Pekoe
Fannings OF Orange Fannings
PF Pekoe Fannings
PF 1 Pekoe Fannings one
BOPF Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
Dust PD Pekoe Dust
D Dust
CD Churamani Dust
PD 1 Pekoe Dust one
D 1 Dust one
CD 1 Churamani Dust one
RD Red Dust
FD Fine Dust
SFD Super Fine Dust
RD1 Red Dust one
GD Golden Dust
SRD Super Red dust
Black Tea Grade’s : Green Tea
Kind of Tea Grade name Nomenclature
Whole leaf YH Young Hyson
FYH Fine Young Hyson
Broken GP Gun Powder
H Hyson
FH Fine Hyson
Fannings SOUMEE Soumee
Dust D Dust
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