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More Tea Language Liquor

More Tea Language  Describing Liquors
Autumnal Tea manufactured during autumn is known as autumnal tea. The leaf obtained after final firing in that period is reddish in colour, but with varying degrees of flavour and aroma, for which customer prefers it.
Baggy taint from hessian or sacking.
Bouquet superlative flavor.
Burn fully fired.
Burnt subjected to extremely high temperature
Clean lacking in character but no unpleasant taint or taste
Cold Weather tea produces after monsoons.
Contamination foreign taste.
Creamy precipitate obtained after cooling. This hot water soluble combination of condensation compounds and caffeine separates out as a 'cream' on cooling. A bright cream indicates good quality tea whereas dull or muddy cream is indicative inferior liquor. 
Earthy taste due to storage under damp conditions.
Empty lacking fullness and substance.
Fruity unpleasant overripe taste. This is descriptive of a defective taste in liquor developed through excessive fermentation and subsequent bacterial infection
Fully Fired slightly over-fired.
Geranium reminiscent of aroma of geranium found in certain Darjeelings.
Gone off past its time.
Golden (Self-explanatory)
Grassy teas without physical or chemical wither
Green/Greenish early first flush.
High-fired This describes liquor from tea which has had prolonged exposure to fire.
Lacking clean tasting without obvious characteristics.
Metallic bitter metallic taste.
Minty mint-like flavor.
Mouldy gone off through age or damaged by water.
Mushy flat:soggy.
Musty A suspicion of mold.
New not having had sufficient time to mellow.
Nose aroma.
Out of Condition (Self-explanatory)
Old see flat.
Pale lacking colour except in GREEN teas where liquors should be pale.
Papery paper taint.
Peachy flavor of certain fine Darjeelings.
Pinky brighter more pink and delicate then coloury.
Plain   This refers to poor quality tea produced during the monsoons. Plain tea is a result of soft withering, excessive heating, or excessive moisture in the leaf during withering
most desirable brightness and acidity.
Pre - Autumnal (Self-explanatory)
Quality Essential & desirable  characteristics of good tea.
Rains/Rainy North Indian teas produces during monsoons
Raspberry flavor akin to raspberry.
Raw immature. This describes liquor produced from insufficiently fermented leaf.
Scorched associated with dryness.
Self-drinking palatable in itself not requiring blending.
Slatey describes colour
Smoky This is a defect of tea liquor caused by a faulty direct heater or leakage in the pipes of an indirect heater.
Soggy heavy dull liquor.
Soft This describes liquor lacking in briskness and brightness. This is caused by bacterial action and over-fermentation
Spicy Character suggestive to spice.
Stewed /Stewy This is a defect that develops during faulty frying procedures. When the exhaust temperature is kept low and fermentation exceeds the required period, the leaf gets 'stewed'
Sweaty unpleasant taste.
Taint foreign Characteristic.
Tinny (Self-explanatory)
Toasty caused by over- firing.
Unsound tainted or lacking keeping properties
Weathery unpleasant taste on some rains teas
Wild autumnal teas past their prime.
Winey overfermented under sterile condition
Weedy thin : cabbagy
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