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About Us

Who We Are :   We are hands on professionals passionately committed to Tea , a beverage with a fascinating heritage , culture bringing people & nations together and with insights in procurement & blending for more than three decades.

We are a Trustworthy source of Pure, Garden fresh teas for our clients who are Packeeters, Wholesalers & Retailers spread across the vast country virtually in most of the major 28 Indian states and 6 Union territories. Our proximity to the tea estates and factories processing the teas help us in developing & nurturing cordial relations & friendships ensuring a continous stream & regular supply of fresh & fine teas for our customers We are also geared to undertake orders to pack tea under your own label or in bulk according to your requirements.

We support the cause to protect the originality and purity of teas & always ensure that our blends are not adulterated. Sarkar Chai has a registration & licence arrangement with the Tea Board India (under Ministry of Commerce, Government of India) to use their Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri Logos in all its Tea packs.

As a first step in reaching directly to individual tea drinkers. We invite you to savour from our range of CTC Teas which you could order right now at our online Tea- store, to be delivered at your door step..... Coming Soon

We do hope you will enjoy your time, sharing , nurturing, friendships with family & friends & building business with Customer & colleagues over a cup of good , fresh, satisying Tea from Sarkar Chai‘s range of blends

Your invaluable feedback will help in our endeavour to continously deliver fine products & services.

Where Are We :   We are located at Siliguri town overlooking the Himalayan ranges with a view of Mt. Kanchenjunga , the second highest peak in the Himalayas at the foothills of Darjeeling , famous for its Muscatel flavored Teas . This uniqueness has earned it the title of "The Champagne of Teas" among Tea Connoisseurs around the world.

The Tea from the Estates or gardens in the Terai (foothills) & the Dooars region are referred to as Dooars Tea named after the region. Dooar Meaning door which is the Gateway to Bhutan. Dooars is now split in the Indian states of West Bengal & Assam.
Teas from Dooars are dark and full-bodied, yet not as strong as Assam teas. The brew from this leaf is richly coloured, the taste spicy and liqueur-like. An anytime tea often used in blends. A daytime tea that goes well with a drop of milk.

We are also located at Guwahati , the state capital of Assam famous for its black teas which brew a burgundy-red cup with rich aroma and strong malty taste. Assam Teas are known for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, bright color sold as "breakfast" teas worldwide.Ideal for the first Morning Cup.

Our Vision :   We care passionately about our families, our customers, our business partners, Colleagues and as per Vedic ideology every material & living objects wishing their well-being.

We wish to build up an environment where trust, integrity, honesty, fairness, mutual respect, transparency, ethics, sharing, camaraderie and humor are effortlessly a part of our everyday lives just like our Cup of Tea.

We will with a strong determination pursue our financial, personal & spiritual goals all the while being flexible in our approach recognizing the diverse nature of the universe and its beings.

We will be respectful; humble of our success as we know that it is achievable only through the contribution of the people linked by an invisible chain our customers, our customer’s customer, partners, growers, workforce & Mother nature which gives us the bounty and our daily cup.

We strive for good service and work to introduce innovations in our work and products.

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